Frequently Asked Questions
- Is my IP listed ?

You can check wether your IP is listed with the following link : Blocking List.

- Why is my IP listed ?

If your IP is listed, it's that we've received unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) from it on one of our internal e-mail address.

- How often did you check if there is still a problem with an IP ?

We do not recheck automatically if there is still some SPAM sent from an IP. Otherwise, we check it when we're contacted, and sometimes IP may by removed manually if there hasn't been any SPAM sent from a sufficient amount of time.

- How often is the RBL updated ?

The RBL is updated one time per hour, every day of the year. The system use a DNS server (DNSBL), so it's possible that your IP address will still be listed a few hours after being removed from MegaRBL.net listing. This is due to the DNS propagation.

- How can I delist an IP address ?

In order to unblock an IP address, you must create a free account with the following link : here and ask for it's delisting. Beware : the issue must be resolved first, otherwise you expose yourself to being listed again. If a withdrawal is asked numerous time and the problem isn't resolved, we reseve us the right to refuse future delisting.

- Is the delisting payable ?

No, the demand and validation of withdrawal are free.

- How do I use MegaRBL.net to filter SPAM ?

You can use rbl.megarbl.net for free. More informations on this page : Use MegaRBL.

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